Sunday, August 14, 2011

Christmas Bargello Mantle Scarf

The ladies over at Cbees  'MADE'  me start  another project!  LOL  Cbees is a sister list of Cyberquilters. You have to be a member of cyberquilters, to join Cbees.

Cbees is our activity list and I try to be an instigator of activity! We have a bucket list. Each month a new skill is drawn from the bucket. The next month we try to incorporate that skill into our own project, big or small is okay.  This month, bargello was the skill drawn from the bucket. 

Now, I've had this pattern from Clotilde for a couple years, intending to make it into a mantle scarf I've had to set aside other projects to put this together, but the process was quite fun.

This is the main piece. It measures 20" x 75". I still need to add some applique, pieces on the ends for the 6" depth and then a backing.

Now it's back to my regularly scheduled projects. I really dont want to get into the christmas projects until next month or even later.


  1. Nice project Kat - I've done bargello, and have way too many things 'to be done' - so passed on this months bucket list.

  2. Looking good and aren't you glad that we "forced" you to do it? LOL.


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