Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Scraps from Scraps

When I began a new set of string blocks #2, it was to reduce the scrap bin inventory. Yesterday, I got 36 autumn string blocks all trimmed up and ready for quilting at another time.

Afterward, I had this pile of trimmings to snip and work back into the scrap bins! I just dont know if I have the patience for a miniature quilt. I am tiring of these fabrics.

I did sort them into baskets, one for triangles and one for logs. Probably I should toss them and move on. That might be Step 3 of our 12-step program. 

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  1. Save them for someone. I have someone that loves scraps. She has MS and can't get to quilt shops often so I send her all my scraps. She says it feels like she is going to quilt shops then and it inspires her!


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