Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cubbie Hole Quilt - UFO Finish!

It's a rare occasion that I can claim to have a UFO finish. Today, I CAN!  I picked a simple one, didn't even add borders.....sandwiched, machine quilted and finished binding totally by machine.  That is okay. It will go to a child at the local hospital, which means it will probably get laundered alot. The best part is, I came upon finishing it by accident. It seemed a better swap from organizing and tidying stuff!

 This UFO is from a monthly sew-in we had conducted over at Cbees, way back in August, 2009. That's only 2 years ago. Does it still count? I was sitting with a small batch of tops that are stashed under my cutting/pressing tables. I'm pretty sure this batch under the table is all from the year 2009.

Benita of http://www.victorianaquiltdesigns.com encouraged a project from this block which, I believe,  was one of her block of the month patterns at the time.  I think we're also suppose to offer her a pic of our completed project for her gallery.  LOL  Here you go, Benita!  Is it late yet?

I also have a personal challenge from Trish at Cbees, to finish a UFO by Septembers' end.  Whooh, I made it!  No pressure, Trish! We were both on the very low end of  'done'  on our UFO list at Cbees.  I'm still on the low end of  'done',  BUT.............I'm one quilt closer!


  1. Really nice Kat and I love that color combination.

  2. Wow to Orange and Aqua!!! Not a combination I would have ever chosen but it turned out GREAT!! Fabulous and you can pat yourself on the back SEVERAL times for completing such an amazing UFO!!
    . . . you can now find me looking at Orange and Aqua in a new light! ;c)

  3. Yeah for Kat! Love the color combo, too. Boxed squares are always a statement. Well done.

  4. Oh yuk. It really does look like orange! It is really a med brown with aqua and my photography is bad, bad, bad!!! Will have to try a re-take tomorrow.

  5. Congrats, Kat - that is a neat quilt, love the colors. And here you have only been blogging for 2 1/2 months and already have 45 followers!
    That's impressive.

  6. Yay for a finish...and it is a nice one too!


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