Monday, August 1, 2011

String Quilt #2

Step 1
I realized I did do something quilty yesterday. I prepared the beginning stages of my newest String Quilt, #2. I decided to use up a drab, dusty advocado? green that was hanging around my stash. It looks almost gray. I cut it into 2" strips for the diagonal. Hmmm,  I couldnt get 48. So I had to go with the plan of 36 blocks, plus a narrow border. This situation is what set off my blueprint plans for string quilts in EQ. You can find those blueprints in my Saturday post.

This photo is the result of my labors yesterday. A blinding bright white muslin and a dull, dusty gray-green. It looks drab, doesnt it? There are 36 blocks here, waiting to be covered in strings!

Next step................................adding the narrow black strip to both sides of the green strip. That should add a bit of drama to these blocks!

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