Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Grace

Nothing quilty to report these last several days. Another round of strings was added to my set of 36 blocks and some hand sewing got done on the never-ending Queen of Diamonds.  LOL  Nothing photo-worthy going on.

Did I mention that this newest set of string blocks transpired from a straightening out of the scrap boxes?  I got tired of deciding on scraps and thought it was easier to just start sewing them together!  And the Queen of Diamonds - I believe I need to cut and baste another 500 white hexes, just for the bed TOP.  Oh dear, I better start figuring out how I am gonna recycle those paper hex templates for using in the next construction phase. I have about 1100 hex forms, but the entire queen quilt will require about 4100 hexagons.

Lots of mind-planning occurred last week, in  unfinished stages. No point in cementing down the brain wave of creativity. LOL  Do any of you do that mind-thing with your projects?  Why do fabrics seem to have a mind of their own? It seems they have to tell you how and where they will be used!  Truly.

I had been busy with other obligations this past week.  I am  SO  ready to spend the new week indulging in my projects.  Now, I just have to zero in on which projects should get the attention. So many choices!

May your creativity be heavenly blessed.

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