Monday, July 25, 2011

Braid Strips

I have the two braid strips pieced now. They will become part of my Sofa quilt. They turned out 76" long! I havent finished off the edge yet. I'm auditioning thoughts of what to use as the edge. This picture shows it using a portion of the border stripe fabric. The same stripe which created the center block design. It is a stripe, cut, re-cut and re-assembled "hidden wells" style. Turns out very cool!

Now back to the braid....I am worried about overkill with this border strip fabric. You may recall I have already made parts of a center panel for this quilt, with seminole piecing and the border stripe on the ends. The center edges remain undone for now. It is waiting to have another band, considerably wider, to be inserted between the seminole strips. It will contain another piecing style.

On either side of this center panel will be panels of  applique!  It will definitely NOT contain any border stripe! LOL

Did I ever get back to the issue of the braid bands?  Okay, Instead of using this border stripe on the ends of the braids, I could entertain the thought of using a very narrow dark wine, solid fabric on the ends.

If you havent run for the bottle of tylenol, please leave an opinion for me.


  1. I would wait till you have the whole top together and then you will have a better idea of that final border(s). Certainly solids that give a good framing.

  2. Thanks for offering your opinion Sharon. That is probably good advice, B.U.T..... it is hard to wait. Those bands want to be trimmed off. They all feel unfinished. Hey, maybe I'll pull out a UFO.

    What a good idea!

  3. I'm with Sharon - I would have to see it laid out before deciding. I like that red color square. The stripes seem to stand out too much at this point - but it might be different when it is laid out.

  4. I love the colors of your braid, sooooo pretty! The center really caught my eye. Can't wait to see what you decide.


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