Friday, July 22, 2011

BunnyHill Block #4

Who says I cant keep it simple? I must have had my fill of applique for the week because block # 4 is done!  Cool eh? Very cool. I especially like this one, probably because all of the pieces except the leaves, were made before today!  LOL The circles turned out really well when I did those. I wonder what I did?

I really like the whimsy of this block. Now, onward to blocks No. 6 and way, not today! I need to tidy up now, so I can get back to some normal quilting!  I am encouraged to gather pieces for some new braided rows for my sofa quilt.

How about a pic of all the blocks together? Here is the first five blocks - four more to go plus borders. Again, please disregard the yellow overcast in the photography. My cameraman is off today!

I'm beginning to like this piece but it is starting to look a little cluttered. I especially like the folk art feel of the black top stitching thread. The piece has been made solely from my scrapbox. It may become my new studio  mascot quilt when it's finished.


  1. Romanian to English translation
    I really like!

  2. Oh, I don't think it is cluttered at all - take a look at Lynette Anderson's pieces! This is really becoming quite the 'fancy'. I have been constructing the blocks, but yet to decide on the applique - not the squirrels! I do like the pumpkins and the black birds.

  3. Me too. I like pumpkins and blackbirds and sunflowers and acorns.

  4. I like your applique! Turned out very nice - love the colors of this quilt.

  5. Great work! I like your interpretation of the design.

  6. I keep saving these blocks every month, but have yet to start on them. Yours look great!


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