Friday, July 22, 2011

Bunny Hill Blk #5 - Finished

Phew. That was just way too much work! LOL  An entire day and a half, just for the applique. The background block was already done prior. Should I do the applique for my block #4 now that all the stuff is out?   My photography is substandard! The fabrics are really more earthy and cream toned.

When you are quilting, you are spending time with yourself. I usually learn something about myself while I'm doing a quilting task. Today I have learned not to snub my nose up at fusible applique! Generally,  I am a handwork person, but this 'A' stuff really stretches my patience. I have learned to recognize pieces with inside curves as very unfriendly.

I had a charming pattern for a lazy susan flower, but it was too big AND too many points. Here, again, is where this fusible technique is beginning to look better and better. I dont mind machine stitching around those odd curves and points.

This block #5 is my center block, to set the theme of the whole piece. I can move on to block #4 now and keep it simple.  LOL


  1. That was fast Kat. He's sooooo cute and I love the flower! I'm still messing around with my Snowbound block 4.

  2. Fast? It took one and a half days, only for the applique pieces - the block was already pieced together. LOL I got lucky on the flower - that little circle in the center looks like a deep bud. That was an accident! But very cool.

  3. It turned out great. One and a half days is fast for me. You know I can mess with a block for a week or more.

  4. And look how patient you have become. Your center block is finished! Since the stuff is out I'd go on with it or not - I have a shelf for my applique where I put it in sight and then pull it out for my thursdays (sometimes wednesday nights-hehe) to get more done.
    Congrats, Kat - looks wonderful.


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