Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thread Tales

Right now, I am piecing two rows of braids which will become a part of my L.R. sofa quilt. You can only add one piece at a time before pressing open in preparation for the opposing piece. I am chain-sewing the two bands each time. I wondered to myself if it was really accomplishing anything to chain sew only 2 units before having to cut.

My mind had to analyze this - I could not let it go. So, say you have an ending thread tail of 3" and say you have a new beginning thread tale of another 3", that would be 6" of thread. Now, we have a top thread and bobbin thread, so that is actually 12" - yes, one whole foot of expensive thread, every time you have to cut and start a new piece!

I am glad that I have grown up to the better quality of thread, BUT I will be more conscious of how I use it.


  1. That's why it is good to have leader/enders - you don't waiste your thread and plus***another project is on the way without adding more time.

  2. I agree with Sharon about using leaders/enders, it does save thread.


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