Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Pillowcase Dresses

Today I finished up the last of a batch of donated pillowcases - made into dresses. This campaign is being collected by the United Methodist Women and will be shipped on to the children of Haiti.

I made 4 dresses today. It doesnt sound like much, but that bias tape is a time-consuming effort. I refuse to buy bias tape since I have the resources to make my own. All total, I have made 21 dresses. I'm 'nearly' tempted to go back to the church, looking for 29 more donated pillowcases, just so I could achieve a personal goal of 50 dresses.  Sssh, dont tell.  I want to acquire them innocently!

Well, it is my pleasure to have an opportunity to use my skills for a needy cause. I am always asking our Lord to open my eyes to opportunities of his will. I am overwhelmed with grace when I recognize an opportunity!

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  1. Those dresses are just sooo cute! 21, goodness Kat that is quite a few, and looking to do more. Bless your heart!


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