Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Criss Cross Bands revised

I've put alot of work into these bands. When I sewed the segments together, they were incorrectly offset by approx 1/4".This made it impossible to align a ruler to mark a trimming- off point. Occasionally, I am inclined to take a short cut after I've already invested much time on this small part of the big quilt. In the end, I unstitched all the segments (6 segments in each band) and put them back together again. Once done correctly, they actually came out longer than my original measurement.

Now, I had already cut off a piece of my border stripe from the bolt to run it thru the laundry.Oops, since my band is now longer, will I have to cut another piece? God was with me again and I am humbled with thanks!  I had 1" to spare after attaching a strip to the band!

I had purchased this border stripe a few years ago. It is by Henry Glass. Initially, I hadnt planned to use it as a design factor on this quilt. Now that I have, this sofa quilt is becoming  a piece of careful planning.

I carefully cut the stripe lengthwise, so the seam line would fall exactly where I wanted it. Actually, I cut four bands, but I change my design travels as I work! My original plan was to sew this border stripe to both sides of the bands. Now I'm thinking about putting something else between them, so for now, I've just put these strips on the outer edges.

I wish I had  kept more aqua on the edge between the stripe and the seminole band. I always wish I had made another choice! I thought about unstitching this, re-cutting a piece differently. No. Not going there! I will live with it and be happy!  LOL


  1. You stress too much - I think it is just perfect the way it is. Just LOVELY!

  2. You've tossed that phrase back at me before, Sharon! LOL I do, I fuss! You'd have to love to fuss if you love pp. Thank you for visiting!

  3. I love to fuss, too. I think it's a great quilt, and I love the border print.

  4. I love how that is turning out. I haven't tried the Seminole piecing yet but I might have to try it. :)


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