Friday, July 8, 2011

Hot July in the Midwest

Greetings everyone!  For some reason, the window AC is not keeping me dry. I hate sweating. I always have. I am such a prima dona. I know I was born from royalty. Was I sent home with the wrong family? Aren't all babies born with black curly hair and high cheekbones?

Well, let's fast forward fifty (50) or so, years.

I have updated the photo for my string quilt #1. With a little help from my quilt guild friends, I was able to get a straighter, full view of this scrapbox beauty!  LOL  You can find the new photo here:

Today, I hope to concentrate on a plan for some seminole patchwork.  I hope you all get to do something creative today.


  1. I really like your use of black in the blocks and the sashing of this quilt. It really makes the colors sparkle.

  2. Thank you, Katie. I was pleased with the choice of black also. It allows you to use ANY scrap in your bin and it still gets along with all the other strings.

    I learned this tip from viewing photos in the HeartStrings group. The members share their works for charity.

    I will be using this method of a common center diagonal strip with the joining sashes again. I will have to configure yardage & strip-cutting requirements for a few layout plans, so I have a 'blueprint' to work from. Anything to simplify my working plans. LOL


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